How to Become a Celebrity Makeup artist

Do you ever wonder why a permanent makeup artist ends up in one of the photos of famous celebrities on Instagram? Will there ever be a chance that you’d make it to their feed too? If you share the same passion as all other makeup artists around the world do we’re certain that a part of you wants to explore the world of Hollywood stars and fashion influencers. It’s an ambition that almost every makeup artist shares. Who wouldn’t want to be pictured side by side with famous celebrities while they receive thousands of praises and compliments about their makeup and how brilliant of an artist you are?

Well, if this is how you gauge success, we’re here to tell you that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard. How can you become a celebrity makeup artist? It’s not easy but you’ll get there when you follow these steps.

#1 Get In A Makeup Class

Some people are lucky to have the talent they’re born with but nothing beats learning the fundamentals of makeup when you enroll in an actual professional makeup course. You’ll unlock skills and techniques that you never knew existed. Plus it will broaden your knowledge on makeup, strokes, tools, color palettes, and many more. It’s an investment that will give you a good ROI especially if you strike gold with famous stars.

Every successful makeup artist you’ll meet in the industry once went to a makeup school. If you have the opportunity to enroll do it!

#2 Apply for Retail Jobs To Learn More

You can learn more from experience and what better way to gain experience while at the same time earn money than to work for a makeup counter. You can apply for counters like YSL and Dior and learn everything there is to know about makeup. Trust us, the experience is priceless!

#3 Start at the Bottom

There’s no shame if you start at the bottom. In fact, many of the most sought-after makeup artists today started out as makeup assistants. This is another excellent way to learn about the craft. By being an assistant, you’ll learn skills from experts and the techniques they use when they work on celebrities.

You’ll get a picture of what your professional career will be like several years from now. You’ll not only learn about makeup and how to apply them but you’ll also learn how to work efficiently under pressure. These are valuable skills that you’ll need when you’re on your own making a name for yourself.

#4 Slowly Invest in Makeup and Mix High-End with High-Street Brands

The best way to practice what you learned is to execute it. You can experiment with family and friends for starters. You may also ask them to be your models for your portfolio. But, you need to invest in makeup first. Knowledge is different until you actually do it. We suggest you mix high-street brands with high-end brands to slowly build your makeup tools. Makeup can be expensive but as long as you have the basics, you’re good to go. It’s also wise to subscribe to your favorite brands’ newsletters so you can get first dibs on discounts and major promos.

#5 Professionalism is Key to Getting Customers

We understand that you have your own way of doing things, but when it comes to being a makeup artist you have to know how to listen to the needs and wants of your clients and incorporate that into your signature makeup look. It’s not always about you, it’s more of what they want to satisfy their expectations.


There are no shortcuts to success. If you want to be successful you have to learn the foundations and accept that some people need to start at the bottom before they can reach the top. Don’t worry because once you build your client base and your reputation, you’ll soon find yourself not just on Instagram but on the covers of coveted fashion and beauty magazines.